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Untitled - Headroom - Mono Matters (Vinyl)

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  1. Jul 05,  · Guys, a lot of MONO vinyl, LP and 7", were made to be played on fairly midrange equipment. There's no need to be so anal on a lot of this stuff. Even the engineers didn't think we'd be thinking about which Y adapter would sound best or if a stereo cart made in the year would suffice.
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  3. In the case of late mono records, ones produced from late and later, the mono copies were not pressed as abundantly as the stereo mixes, which is why things like Simon and Garfunkel "Bookends", Doors "S/T" and 13th Floor Elevators "Psychedelic Sounds" go for a significant amount of cash compared to their stereo counterparts.
  4. Jun 13,  · In short, vintage vinyl records sound better in mono than in stereo because they were made to be played in mono. Make sense? The same can be said of vintage stereo records: they sound better in stereo than in mono. The next time you happen to be p.
  5. Some vinyl manufacturers may request that your audio masters be sent on an audio CD-R. Audio CD-R is limited to bit/k sample rate, and is generally not a good way to submit, transfer, or store a master. Only use an audio CD-R for vinyl production if absolutely necessary due to .
  6. Don't expect miracles here, or much more in the way of headroom, but the vinyl is flat as a pancake, sounds great, and quiet as a secluded mountaintop. I don't have an older pressing to compare to so i can't say as to whether or not this g pressing is any "better" or worse than an original/5(55).
  7. I am using two mono carts, the Grado mx which is a stereo cart where the coils are paralleled to be mono and a Denon dl which is a true mono cart with a true mono stylus. Playing a true mono record (some of them are 50 + years) the Denon blows away the Grado, very little to zero record noise, playing a new mono stereo cut record the Grado.
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