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Aphoristic Points 2 - The Sammy Burdson Group - Contemporary Sounds And Movements Vol 1 (Vinyl, LP)

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  1. 1. Emotion and storytelling 2. Denotes techniques and styles (fusing) 3. Newness or modernness of the form of that time.
  2. 1. riff - a short repeated melodic or rhythmic fragment 2. call and response - a solo vocal line answered by an instrumental or vocal line 3. bar blues form - three four-bar phrases with an AAB lyrical structure 4. melisma - a vocal embellishment where a group of notes are sung on one syllable of text.
  3. 1. Andrea Venezia, Michael W. Kirst, and Anthony L. Antonio, Betraying the College Dream: How Disconnected K–12 and Postsecondary Education Systems Undermine Student Aspirations (Palo Alto, Calif.: The Bridge Project, ): 8. 2. Frank Levy and Richard J. .
  4. Start studying Humanities. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.
  5. 1. Mike Vickers – Visitation Standard Music Library ESL Period / Pastoral / Solo Instruments – Moog / Dramatic 2. The Sammy Burdson Group – Threat to Research Sonoton SON Slow. Motion and Movement 3. Claude Larson – Biopulse 2.
  6. 1) colonized for Europeans to live there 2) colonized to exploit resources 3) 1 and 2 are both separate and together first influx of Europeans and African slaves 1) indigenous peoples died/are killed in large numbers from then on 2) indigenous cultures struggle from then until now.
  7. Questions For each of these questions, you are to notate on the staves provided the correct pitch and rhythm of a short melody that you will hear. Make sure that any accidentals you use are appropriate for the key signature provided. In each case, the pulse will be established before the first playing of the melody. Question 1.
  8. A duple meter will have groups of 2 with a stress on the first beat of the group. narrative movements: mimetic actions that help to illustrate certain words and tell the story (e.g., “I’m a Little Teapot”) pitch: how high or low a note is. rhythmic movements: movements that can either emphasize the beat of the rhyme or the rhythm of the.

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